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Estate planning is extremely important for those who wish to pass on their property and assets to their loved ones. If families and individuals do not thoroughly prepare their estates in Rhode Island, the state will designate beneficiaries according to the law.

It is a costly mistake to not have a well-crafted estate plan in place. Our firm can help you control your legacy by listening to your goals and advising you as to the many options available.


There are a vast number of benefits estate planning can provide in lieu of state apportionment, but the most fundamental is independent control. Our firm can help you through the process by drawing your attention to common areas of concern, such as health care plans, finances, and designating guardians, and administrators and executors. We help our clients prepare:

Our approach to planning our clients’ estates is straightforward and pragmatic. Every family has its own preferences and unique needs. We can help families determine how to include family members in their estates who have special needs, are not adept at handling money or may have substance abuse issues.


There are rules and regulations regarding disinheritance and other aspects of state law which need to be considered when crafting a detailed and thorough estate plan. Our attorneys will work with you and adhere to your goals and intentions when designing your estate plan. We consistently utilize the experience and knowledge of our of counsel attorney Samuel Fleisig, who has been a probate judge in East Greenwich for many years.

There are many variables within the realm of estate planning that need to be considered and addressed in order to create a plan that will operate as you intend. In order to be sure that your estate plan is thorough and accurate, speak to one of our East Bay estate planning lawyers. Call our Barrington law firm at 401-289-0404 to discuss your goals, or contact us online to arrange an appointment.